Do you know what anti-aging medicine can do for you?

The new medicine seeks to prevent and extend the years, as well as your quality of life.

Stress, anxiety, insomnia, lack of energy, migraines, overweight, mood swings … These are situations that affect the vast majority of the population, to a greater or lesser extent. And, unfortunately, they usually get worse as we turn years.

The solution is not always easy, especially since having a good diagnosis is complicated. The good news is that today, thanks to science, it is possible to respond to virtually any concern that assails us. How? With the so-called anti-aging medicine or anti-aging medicine.

To learn more about this new concept that was born a few years ago in the United States under the name of “age-management”, we have gone to Neolife, one of the pioneer clinics in Spain in antiaging medicine. With endless questions in mind, we start with the basics and know what exactly anti-aging medicine is and what it can do for us.

“The anti-aging medicine aims, on the one hand, to extend the life expectancy of a person and, on the other, to reach advanced ages with better health, without pathologies and, above all, without limitations, ” explains Alfonso Galán, one of the doctors that integrate Neolife, Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the Autonomous University of Madrid and specialized in Family and Community Medicine at the University Hospital La Paz.

“Extending life is the idea, but what we want is to give that life good years,” continues the expert. Today we know that there are many studies with failures, with interests that determine the conclusions, with results based only on observation … “Therefore, all doctors should recycle and stop to think and see things with a critical sense,” he says Gallant. “Many specialists have gotten into anti-aging medicine because we think that we should not only treat a disease afterward, once it manifests itself (after a stroke, a heart attack…) We work so that this heart attack never occurs and if it had already occurred, that does not happen again. Our goal is to see and treat risk factors appropriately that have led you to that heart attack (hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, bad eating habits …) ”

For this, it is necessary to have a thorough knowledge of the patient, who will arrive at a first appointment of one hour in which they ask about “symptoms, history of illness, family history… and about a series of axes of his life: rest, exercise, nutrition, sex life, vitality, stress … Then we ask for your goals; some people simply want to have more strength, more vitality, another who wants to lose 10 kilos, another who wants to better carry the menopause ailments, and others who simply want to get better to old age … ”tells us the doctor.

With age, we all suffer a deterioration of health, but “many of the variables that make you have this deterioration are modifiable. Some require the patient’s effort, such as nutrition and exercise, and others come from the doctor: it is the specialist who has to work actively to improve them with hormonal therapies, supplementation, medication, etc. Traditional medicine has a hard time responding to these things, ”adds the expert.

What most likely captures the attention of anyone who enters through the Neolife door is that each patient is unique and there is no generic treatment. “Here we make a tailored suit” with a very comprehensive and very individualized approach. In the first consultation, the patient already knows what we offer and how we work. Of course, we need to start with a minimum clinical analysis to know how he is doing that person physically. “

That is why different checkups are made, ranging from a biomarker analysis and a physical examination with body composition tests to a head-to-pelvis CT scan, through a brain resonance, an echocardiogram, a cancer risk study… “The Patient study can be as complex as we want, but we make it individualized for each person according to the medical data we have and according to their concerns. ”

After the tests, the patient arrives at the second consultation and leaves knowing “how we work, how the follow-up sequence and the start of treatment will be”.

“People are very surprised when we give them the tests,” explains Alfonso Galán, “they tell you: ‘I thought it was good,’ and it is not often that they are wrong, but that we look at things from another perspective. We rely on all scientific literature to look at the same parameters of conventional medicine with other eyes. Where traditional medicine says that value in a particular range is fine, we know that it can be optimized to avoid certain diseases. On the other hand, we also see other parameters than conventional ones, to have all the possible information for diagnosis and treatment. ”

The vast majority of people can benefit from this anti-aging medicine because the idea is that you feel good every day and get “young” to old age. The more prepared we are, the better we will arrive. “We have young women of 31-32 years who notice less energy than before, who want to find themselves better, who come for a sexual issue such as pain during relationships; We also have men who feel that they no longer perform like when they were young, who do not gain equal muscle … Of course, many women also come with menopause, with more or less hot flashes and more or fewer mood swings, older people who don’t want to be a burden for your children … The profiles are very varied, ”says the doctor.

The 4 P medicine

They call it that because antiaging medicine is preventive, predictive, proactive and personalized medicine. “We could add one more P, which would be pleasant,” for the pleasure and well-being it brings.

In any case, and whatever the problem, there are always 4 important ways to review treatment: nutrition, exercise, supplementation, and hormonal treatment.

We already know how important it is to take care of food and exercise. “There are people who think that they eat very well and do things very well and yet we have found many men between 35-50 with osteopenia, that is, with a lower bone density, because we all have a vitamin D deficiency and calcium is not depositing in the bones. They think that cycling or running will not have a problem, but it is sports without a load, which is what you would need to deposit calcium in your bones. If we see this case, for example, we would introduce vitamin D and some exercise of force or load. If this man had a risk of breaking his hip in 15 years because that osteopenia was going to turn into osteoporosis, we make that no longer happen, ”explains Galán.

As for food, “carbohydrates can cause glycated hemoglobin to rise, a fact that indicates that blood sugar in the last 2-3 months has been rising. We know that this will end in prediabetes and eventually diabetes, so we are already seeing that this person will not be able to take as many carbohydrates, ”explains Galán.

In this sense, “in the analytics, we look at many parameters related to insulin resistance and much of the hormones or supplements we prescribe improve that resistance. We also look at the body composition and the OMA index, which relates blood glucose to insulin, which also tells us if there is insulin resistance and what we should do. Depending on the degree you have, we do one thing or another. For example, when the person loses visceral fat their resistance will improve, and with hormonal treatment, it will also improve. There are also supplements such as saffron that may help or drugs such as metformin., which is a very common drug that diabetics have taken a lifetime, but now we know that it is not only very good for insulin resistance, but it is probably the first antiaging drug that exists. This is because metformin activates autophagy processes, that is, they release you from waste substances inside the cell to prevent that cell from aging and dying. Sometimes we put it to people with completely normal levels of sugar as an antiaging drug, ”concludes the doctor.

“We can not decide how old we are, but how to do it,” says the slogan of this clinic that promises to give us a new life (NeoLife) or, at least, a life with health to fully enjoy it.

Without a doubt, one of the best investments that can be made today. Because … what better than investing in oneself?

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