Do you live on a diet and you can’t lose weight ?

Your metabolism, your genes or sedentary life are some of the possible responses for not being able to lose weight.

You know all the memory tricks. “Drink warm water with vinegar in fasting, intermittent fasting, stop consuming carbohydrates, eat more protein, add cinnamon to drinks …”, the list is endless and you have not only tried them all but keep trying, without good luck, get rid of those extra pounds.

Part of the enigma is after a sentence that will be familiar to you: “You have a slow metabolism,” say those who claim to know the reason for your difficulty losing weight. And it is that according to the endocrines of the Cleveland Clinic, in Cleveland, Ohio (USA) the basal metabolic rate (the calories that the body burns at rest due to the functioning of its organs) accounts for 75% of energy expenditure in sedentary subjects or 60% in the case of those who exercise frequently. “A person with a higher basal metabolic rate can eat 300 extra calories without gaining weight.” But if your metabolism is slow, your body takes much longer to burn those calories.

Another problem that occurs when you make diets that are not carried out by specialists and directed for you, is that by decreasing the caloric intake the basal energy expenditure decreases while increasing the concentration of orexigenic hormones involved in increasing the intake and reducing the of satiety. That is, let’s say your body conspires so that it gets fat again. That’s why experts recommend that instead of reducing your calorie intake to the maximum you try to increase your muscle mass. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends that overweight people work to increase their muscle mass because they spend more energy this way.

And is that physical activity is key, but we do not talk only about the time you exercise, we talk about the movement you do every day. It will improve your metabolism if you leave a sedentary life if instead of going by car or subway you take a walk.

So let’s say that if you spend your life on a diet and you don’t see the results you expect, the reasons could be the following: you have little muscle mass, you need to exercise more, you could have low testosterone levels. Sometimes the problem is in genetics, that is why it is so important that you go to a specialist, rather than losing weight you should try to maintain a healthy and healthy lifestyle that you can maintain over time.

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