How to burn belly fat fast: these are the best tricks of the experts

Tips include increasing fiber intake, saying goodbye to sugary foods and drinking juices when you exercise.

The struggle to achieve a flat abdomen is one of the most difficult challenges to reach, but Australian nutritionist Susie Burrell has revealed some tips to lose belly fat and learn to ‘program’ your body to always choose the most appropriate options to achieve your objective.

“People over 30 are more likely to gain weight due to hormonal changes,” Burrell explains.

The answer to this problem is in getting healthy ‘ dietary patterns ‘. What we must achieve, according to the expert, is that the body is not as prone to produce excess insulin as it can cause visceral fat.

Susie’s best weight loss tips include increasing fiber intake to improve bowel health, saying goodbye to very sugary foods and drinking juices when you exercise.

1. Increase your fiber intake to five per day

According to dietary recommendations, on average we need about 30 grams of fiber per day.

The nutritionist advises that you increase your fiber intake, this will help you reduce cholesterol problems and regulate insulin, especially when consumed in the morning.

To meet the daily requirements, the dietitian suggests eating two slices of whole wheat or rye bread, with seeds, two servings of fruit and five servings of vegetables (one serving is considered half a cup).

“It includes some fresh fruits and vegetables as part of each meal, at breakfast, lunch, and dinner to get that volume,” Susie recommends.

Eating the recommended amount of fiber daily will make you feel fuller and it is also an easy way to regulate your appetite and hormones.

2. Caffeine helps speed up metabolism

The caffeine in any form helps boost your metabolism and is particularly effective when drinking in the morning.

Burrell explained that the stimulant properties of caffeine help “mobilize fat stores ” and suppress appetite.

If you are taking care of your weight, you should verify that you do not use too much milk in your coffee, since many times it is in this product where many sugars hide.

3. Eating sugar makes you want more sugar

If at breakfast you are one of those who prefer to take it there is the possibility that you usually choose muffins, or pastries or milkshakes. The problem with this type of food, particularly in the morning, is that they increase insulin and increase appetite.

This means that despite having eaten, you will still feel hungry.

4. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids throughout the day

In addition to drinking two liters of water a day, something that helps you feel naturally full, Susie also recommends drinking green tea.

It has been shown that green tea helps increase the metabolic rate (that is, how fast your body converts food into energy) and also calms sugar cravings.

“If you drink ice water all day, you could burn about 100 additional calories during the day,” says the nutritionist.

5. Drink juices while exercising to burn fat

The recommended daily intake of vitamin C is 40 g per day, ‘increasing’ this up to 100 g can help eliminate the rebel kilos.

According to her, there is evidence showing that your body will burn more fat when your vitamin C levels increase.

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