Natural remedies to take care of your skin in summer

If summer after summer you notice how your skin suffers and complains, do not forget to have these natural remedies on hand. Your vacations will save you.

Antiinflammatory. You have become confused with the sun (badly done) and your skin is flushed. Pure aloe vera gel (aloe barbadensis) is a powerful healing agent that increases the synthesis of collagen that can help you. Peel the aloe leaves and rubs the affected area with the gel in the center of each leaf. Of course, do a test before in a non-visible area, because sensitive skin can react to it.

Hydrating. Sun, chlorine and sea salt can dry and dehydrated skin. Spraying a cold infusion of poppy petals (papaver rhoeas) will return the feeling of comfort and fight the tension because it has emollient properties that rehydrate the skin.

Stings blow…

Summer is a time of accidents. The oil arnica (Arnica montana) will help them disappear before bruising or soothe tired feet, and the calendula (calendula Officinalis) will prevent the stinging of the bites. If you want to know more remedies, see Natural beauty (Zenith).

Essential oils you should have at home

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