Perfect asses: the best exercises according to the shape of your buttocks

Who has the best ass ever? Gisele Bundchen, Irina Shayk, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Sharon Stone, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston are the top of the best … And the buttocks have always been the subject of looks and comments. With the arrival of summer, Google searches for exercise routines to get a perfect ass, but the truth is that some of these routines do not work in all cases. It could be said that each ass is a world and that its typology determines what is best for it. With the help of coach Marta Rosado, we define what are the specific exercises for each type of gluteus. There are seven types of buttocks:

Pear Ass: how is it

In this body, the shoulders and chest are narrow and the waist is wide to meet the hips; This is, by far, the widest part of the body. It is a constitution similar to the inverted V, only that these bodies are not usually muscular and accumulate more fat by genetics in buttocks, holsters, abdomen, and chest. It is also said that this body is shaped like a spoon, guitar or bell. The buttocks are elongated and the thighs robust.

The best exercises for the pear ass. It is important to act as soon as the body allows. Rosado advises to start by altering two minutes walking, one running, then increasing to 2-2, walking 2 running 3 and so on and so on.

Round ass: how is it

In this body, there is accumulated fat in the abdomen and waist. The shoulders, which are usually round, are wider than the rest. The most prominent part is the central one. The person is above his ideal weight and his body lacks a definite form. This type of round ass is also called a ball or bubble, it could be the prototype of Drew Barrymore’s ass.

The best exercises for the round ass. In addition to running, hiking, cycling … it will be useful to learn a dance that helps move the pelvis. Marta Rosado also proposes to use resistance or rubber to work lateral elevation, internal lateral elevation, buttocks kicks and isometries at different angles.

Hourglass ass: how is it

Halle Berry could be the prototype of this ass that is characterized by belonging to a body with a similar width between the shoulders and hips, but with the narrowest waist. It is the typical pin-up body of the 50s, that of women envied by their wasp waist. It is the ideal type for most.

The best exercises for the hourglass ass. Having good habits, being constant in training and a proper diet is essential. We must work for high-intensity exercises. The personal trainer advises an exclusive work of strength of two to three days per week, varying the exercises. Try to include squats, dead weights and alternate strides in all of them and do a good job on the leg by varying the opening (of legs and feet) to complete the job.

Diamond ass: how is it

The diamond ass is characterized by having a wider abdomen than hips and shoulders and not a very defined waist. It could be Katherine Zeta-Jones’s ass. The body structure is small, with narrow shoulders and back. Sometimes it can be confused with the apple body, although in the diamond body the neck is shorter.

The best exercises for the diamond ass. Marta Rosado advises working on a climber, rope, step, elliptical, carrying the weight back (to the heels). Another advisable discipline is swimming, working with water resistance such as aqua aerobics or aquagym activities. For classes in the gym recommends GAP (gluteus, leg and abdomen).

Ass triangle: how is it

The triangle ass is characterized by narrow shoulders and hips, thighs and prominent buttocks. The hip is wide by nature and legs also tend to be consistent with it.

The best exercises for the triangle ass. High-intensity exercises should be performed and alternated with moderate intensity: lateral squats with rubber bands, alternate scissors, lateral leg elevations on the bench, jump squats alternating legs together and open. It is essential to perform many repetitions, where you see 10/12 or 15/20 multiply it by two.

Inverted triangle ass: how is it

The person with this form of the butt has pronounced shoulders and narrow hips. It is a grateful constitution. It is the fit ass par excellence. since, having hardly any fat, the muscular definition is much more evident in shoulders and back.

The best exercises for the inverted triangle. You need a localized job, especially strength with a lot of weight to boost it.

Rectangle ass: how is it

The prototigo with a straight ass could be Victoria Beckham and it is distinguished because the top and bottom are the same width and usually have no definition at the waist. The shoulders are in a straight line with the hips and the arms and legs are rather thin. There is little buttock, rather it is non-existent and lacks muscle. It is a proportional body but no curve.

The best exercises for the rectangle ass. You have to activate them and make retroversion and pelvic anteversion movements. This type of butt needs a lot of activity so that we can give it a total focus and work with large weights, creating muscles.

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