The incredible benefits of savory that you still don’t know

Although it has been used for years as a condiment in the Mediterranean diet, savory is a plant with extraordinary health benefits. Do not miss everything that this medicinal plant can do for your health.

In Mediterranean cuisine, spices and aromatic plants are widely used to enhance the flavor and give the dishes a special touch as well as being a healthy alternative to salt. One of these plants is the savory that has been used since ancient times as a condiment to flavor stews, soups, etc … appreciated both for its aroma and its healthy properties. Take note of the medicinal uses of this unique aromatic plant.

What is savory?

Savory is an aromatic plant found in full autumn as it begins to bloom at the end of summer. It reaches up to 40 cm high, its leaves are rounded and covered with a kind of villi and its flowers are white. The essential oil of savory is rich in carvacrol, thymol and limonene, it also has phenolic acids and tannins.

It brings an intense and spicy flavor to the dishes, although it loses a lot of flavor with cooking. It perfectly accompanies legumes and red meat, including birds such as chicken and turkey and its medicinal use has traditionally been linked to treating impotence problems and as an aphrodisiac food.

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