Why is my period delayed if I am not pregnant?

Although we know that the delay in our period is not due to pregnancy, we get nervous. And it can indicate that something is not going well.

There are several causes that explain why menstruation is not timely. Before you start searching on Google as a pose and get on your nerves, let’s review some.

1. You have gained weight. A significant change in weight is one of the most common reasons for the rule to destabilize. If you have recently gained or lost 10% of your body weight it would not be so rare for the menstrual cycle to lengthen, and therefore the rule is delayed or does not even appear that month. The weight changes produce hormonal imbalances, particularly in estrogen levels, it may be that one month you don’t release eggs and that would explain that you didn’t have the rule that month either.

2. You are training too much in the gym. Extreme exercise can also damage the synchronization of reproductive hormones. It is common in people who run marathons. If the body is subjected to great physical stress, especially if there is a significant loss of weight, menstruation disappears.

3. You are very stressed. Not only physical stress can be responsible for the rule being delayed, mental stress as well. If you are going through a season of hard work and tension or a delicate personal situation, do not be surprised if the rule does not appear when you wait for it. The good news is that when the stressor disappears everything will return to normal.

4. The side effects of some medication. Some drugs are guilty of menstrual irregularity, especially antidepressants and other psychotropic drugs. This effect has also been observed when certain types of chemotherapy treatments are received.

5. Influence your contraceptive method. Sometimes the IUD or the pill can unbalance the menstrual cycle. Stopping the pill can also have that side effect.

6. Thyroid problems. An overactive or underactive thyroid gland can have an impact on the menstrual cycle. The thyroid helps regulate metabolism and body temperature. When it is unbalanced, the whole organism becomes disorganized.

7. Perimenopause. It is the period during which the body is in natural transit towards menopause. For most women, this phase begins at around 40, but sometimes it begins earlier. Also an irregular rule.

8. You are very young, almost adolescent and your body is still developing. In adolescent girls, it is normal for jumps in menstrual cycles. The hormones are changing rapidly and it is hard for the body to keep up with those changes.

In addition, it should be noted that experts say that it is completely normal to have a couple of irregular cycles a year.

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