Yoga ‘bowspring’ , the secret to lose weight

Even if the opposite is said, yoga can be a discipline that encourages weight loss. We tell you what is one of the different modalities that exist.

We know that you have been reading the thousand and one benefits of yoga for weeks (years). That if it is good to tone the figure (that is true together), that if you can get rid of stress, if there is no better partner to relax (and no, we do not talk about the satisfying, although we could) …. if they had not yet convinced you, there goes the drop that fills the glass: there are certain postures that can give you a ‘boost’ in the bed. If you already knew all this … we have found out that there is a type of yoga called ‘bow spring yoga’ and with which you can lose weight.

What is ‘bow spring yoga’?

It is a variant of yoga, less rigid and that aims to align the body so that the parts work with each other in harmony. The body must acquire an S-shape, from the head to the toes. These are fluid exercises that aim to unite the body, heart, and mind to respect the natural shape of our body without forcing it at any time.

This variety of yoga separates the body into different areas: the hands, arms, and shoulders are called ‘wings’, while the ‘heart’ refers to the rib cage. The ‘roots’ are the feet, legs, and head. The ‘waist’ refers to the lower back and the ‘crown’ to the head and neck.

What is different about traditional yoga? Understand that the back is a spring that should not remain straight to prevent wear on the lower back. If we are sitting in a chair all day the back will suffer, in addition to the weight of the body, injuries due to bad postures. This exercise will give you a break from your back and make you relax while you do physical activity.

‘Bowspring yoga’ increases muscle tone and promotes elasticity.

Its benefits are not only physical but also mental: if you eat for anxiety disorders that is, to balance episodes of stress, this discipline will be the answer. You will feel more relaxed, tone your muscles and also lose weight if you combine it with a healthy diet and an active life.

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